My words got published!

This is a big thing for me. An editor read my words and thought ‘Hey, This isn’t bad. I’m gonna print this!’


At the start of this summer, I had no clue what I would be doing writing-wise and then Contact magazine came along out of the blue, the Channel Island’s magazine for the Business of Commerce. When I was a student at Sixth Form, I remember the thrill I got from being the Student Editor of its annual magazine, and that was only circulated around one school. This magazine will be circulated all over Guernsey and I’ve already talked to someone who’s enjoyed my article and I’m so happy about it.

One of the best perks for me is sharing a piece I’ve enjoyed writing, and I’m so grateful that Contact gave me this opportunity. My article is about how education and technology can work well as allies, and I promoted a few of my favourite YouTube channels. It’s found on page 78 if you fancy a read.

I’ve never really considered a job in journalism before, but I had loads of fun writing this and now I think I’m open to the idea!








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