Dissonance never sounded as sweet


I’m in disbelief. My fourteen year-old self would look at me and shout ‘Damn! I’m so cool!’ Since that age, my fingers have been burning to write. Never mind “normal” day jobs, I want to be a writer, and a published one at that. You can keep your respectable occupations, thank you very much.

For onlookers, some may not realise how difficult a writing career can be. It’s not solely the act of sitting down and churning out something. It’s comes down to an utter dedication to your writing and your will to succeed. You need to be able to shout ‘My writing is decent, take a read!’


One step I needed to take for my career ambition was to get published in a magazine. In the future, if I approach a writing agent with a first draft, they’re more willing to take me on, and a publishing house won’t just toss my work in the bin straight away knowing I’ve been published before. Recognition from a magazine certainly counts for something! This is such a big step towards my dream, and I’m so so happy.

Last summer I sent off a short story and got declined, which left me disheartened so I didn’t continue my pursuit that summer. In fact, I barely wrote at all following my first year of Creative Writing. It was my first year of seeing my writing as work as well as fun. Whereas, this year, outside of my summer job, I have lots of free time in the evenings to write and send off my pieces to various magazines, Dissonance Magazine was one of them, who have been wonderful enough to publish Laughs, my spoken word poem!

Spoken word poetry wasn’t the reason I chose to do a writing course at uni. I got into it at the end of my first year (regrettably not sooner) as a hobby. I really enjoy it because it feels like I’m acting when I’m on stage performing, which I sadly don’t have any time to do anymore, whilst also combining my other love of writing. To have someone outside of my friends and family enjoy and be moved by my poetry feels fantastic. Now I can’t wait to get involved in more poetry nights in Bath and Bristol come September! Be warned writing magazines of the world, there’s a motivated me on your tail!

I now present to you, a very blissed out writer:



You can browse my other publications here 🙂


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