I’m glad to get this off my chest!

My second poem ‘Off My Chest’ has been published!

I’m over the moon, I’ve known it was going to be published weeks ago but I couldn’t say anything, so it’s nice to finally get this off my chest! It’s really reassuring to have HerStory be like ‘Hey, I like your poem. Let’s publish it!’ It’s proof that the hard work I’m putting into my degree is paying off and I’m getting that one step closer to my dream – to one day publish a novel.

‘Off My Chest’ is my favourite poem that I’ve written because it holds a lot of emotional significance for me. When I was first getting into the spoken word scene, I went to a Hammer & Tongue slam in Bristol. Something which ruined my enjoyment of the event was the wire in my bra stabbing me all night. After that night, I did a lot of thinking. Why was there so much pressure for me to wear something uncomfortable every day of my life? I’d decided enough was enough. This poem was written around the time of this epiphany, and a year on, I’ve happily been wire free since!

If you want to check out the poem, you can read it here, or you can watch my performance of Off My Chest at Rhyme and Reason here.




Pablo Heimplatz


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