LiteRARy: Trouble in PaRARdise #2

Real LiteRARy

Welcome to LiteRARy, a new blog feature where I document my time interning at Rhyme and Reason, a spoken word night based in Bath. LiteRARy will be a regular feature where I reflect on the things I’ve learnt from helping to run RAR, and will also act as a sort of diary / keepsake too!

In our first Rhyme and Reason FaceTime meeting, we discussed lots of things. So much so, that I found it a little bit difficult to take in all at once. RAR is something close to my heart, so I want to work hard and keep the poetry events at the best standard they can be. With this in mind, I arranged another FaceTime session with Ellie, one-to-one, so I could go over any worries I had coming up to the first event of the year.

We talked through my worries and Ellie gave me a new task. She asked me to write  the copy for a Facebook event page for one of our events next month. I researched our headliner and watched their videos to get a taste for their style before writing the copy about them and then sent it to Ellie for approval, before creating the event.

With regards to worries, the main one was about camera equipment. At each RAR event, a member of the team will film the poets and take pictures of the night, to encourage people to come along. To put it lightly, I’m bad with technology, so I wanted to run through with Ellie step by step what needed to be done to hire out the equipment and prepare it for the event.

At Bath Spa University, we have something known as the Asset Store, where students can hire out equipment for leisure purposes for free. A day after my FaceTime with Ellie, I visited the Asset Store and was met with horror – staff illness! A temp was at the desk, and explained that I’d have to book the equipment online and collect it tomorrow – on the day of our first poetry event. He also explained that, because I’ve never used the Asset Store, I’d need to have an induction before I was allowed to take out any equipment, meaning I probably wouldn’t be able to take any cameras or tripods from the store for two days, meaning we wouldn’t have any equipment for the night.

Trouble in paRARdise!

I’m going to finish this post brainstorming how me and the team can go about saving the day. Wish me luck!






Loic Djim

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